Maplewood Bebop: Season 2

People have moved from the solitary confines of planet earth to the farthest parts of the solar system. After the gate accident of 2022 left earth broken and scarred, humanity moved on and colonized the closest planet, Mars. Now Mars is the hub of culture and the new cradle of human civilization.

Research into the gates continued and eventually a stable gate system was created allowing the travel to, and colonization of, dozens of moons and large asteroids. Each of the new moons, planets and asteroids terrformed had their own quirks and problems for the people living their. Add to those the ever-increasing number of space stations and mobile self-contained colony ships and humanity has become as diverse as the environs they live in.

With each new colony came new problems. As people moved farther away from the Earth it became harder to keep order and law. Wars started to break out over available resources as well as prime locations to terraform. The criminal element was quick to take advantage of the lack of unified law enforcement. Like in the early American era, criminals would just flee the jurisdiction of their crimes to a new location. Many attempts were made to create an agency that would be able to police the entire solar system. Eventually the ISSP was created. This agency was woefully unprepared to cover the enormous expanse of humanities reach however, and this led to the rise of the bounty hunter. The individuals who would administer this justice would soon come to be known by another name; Cowboys.

Maplewood Bebop

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