next generation

Artificial Neuro-Genetic Intellect Enhancement.

Angie is a thinking computer.

Trying to bridge the gap between the science fiction of artificial intelligence and the reality of computer science, the ANGIE unit was fashioned as a way to create a machine organism capable of independent learning and comprehension.

No matter how complex the algorithms that run a computer brain it still remains just that, a computer. Angie bridges that gap by using a living sentient host as a stable matrix to design and maintain her own Neural lattices. By surgically implanting receptor devices on the spine and brainstem of a host ANGIE is able to read and mimic certain beta and theta brainwave emissions, incorporating them into her own Neuron processing core and thereby achieving what is hoped to be truly independent thought.

The process is not just one way however and the host can utilize ANGIE’s awesome processing power and vast load of technical information. The results are two beings locked in mutually beneficial symbiosis.

These were the aspirations of the ANGIE project; however, the reality was that ANGIE caused a massive buildup of proteins in the host brain and was fatal in nearly all early test subjects. Later experiments cured the extreme fatal levels of chemical build up but were replaced with violent psychotic breaks and suicidal depression. After more trial and error, and much cost and expense, the project was set to be terminated. Conveniently , a mere week before the projects termination, there was a devastating explosion in the testing labs, destroying everything. Insurance cited a faulty electrical coil on a diagnostic machine that ignited some high pressure Hydrogen canisters nearby. All the relevant material was lost.



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