A Cowboy's Ride


Commissioned in 2137, “Boon” is a Seraphim-class exploration vessel. Originally designed as a new breed of escort frigate for by the Terra Novan Theocracy, the first (and only) three vessels of this class were still in the Nova Albion construction yard when it was captured by Confederation forces at the height of the Third Titan War. Though the nearly complete ships were not suitable for addition to the Confederation fleet they were too valuable to waste and so were sold to the Exploration Corps, who refitted them for deep space recon.

While the ships retain the familiar cathedral design common in early Theocracy warships, most of the weaponry and war gear was replaced with an enhanced sensor package and science equipment. The original design was created as both a fast escort and a transport. The hangars were designed to hold a squadron of ultra-light fighters that could be used both in space and atmosphere. The cavernous main hold could carry several ground craft and troops with large doors at either end facilitating rapid loading and deployment.

For armaments she only had a pair of turret laser cannons- one fore and aft. These were designed to provide cover fire during landing operations and are not well positioned for space combat. The frigate originally had an additional pair of spinal-mounted mass cannons to fill the role of space combat, but were removed when Exploration Corps refitted her.

The Boon is equipped with first class induction engines. Capable of travelling immense distances at incredible speeds it was originally intended to be able to maneuver in deep space for long periods without need for refueling. Her induction engines were damaged in a conflict on her first flight, under Captain Ezekiel Zebadiah Harris. Its rumored that it was sabotage by Terra Novan activists but no one was ever brought up on formal charges. Being incredibly expensive to fix and refit, she was given an additional Ion engine drive, which is far cheaper and easier to maintain. This of course limited her ability to recon in deep space and after several years in service, when the Exploration Corps declared bankruptcy and folded, she was decommissioned and set for parts.

Finally, she was acquired by a Cowboy under suspicious circumstances and now sails through the solar system again.



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