Maplewood Bebop

Session 2: Tango for Cash

“I said NO explosions,” Captain Vincents expression seemed set in stone, this time he might actually mean it.
“What if I could guarantee that there will probably be minimal casualties?” Mace said, with Garon looking on.
“…I said NO, we may want to actually come back a place we stop at in the future.”
“ok, ill settle for only two charges, they will be out of the way, no one will even notice. What if Tom gets in trouble? He’ll NEED them.” Mace rebutted as Garon silently nodded his approval.
Tom looked on, watching the conversation between his shipmates. The soldier uniform acquired by the Captain, that was his makeshift disguise, was too starchy and sat poorly on his shoulders. He hoped they would decide soon, he already missed the familiar feel of his comfortable green speed suit. If he was going to sneak into the restricted area he would have to do it soon, ANGIE was getting nervous; And he didn’t like it when Angie got nervous.
His attention was drawn back to the continuing debate;
“OK, Fine! One bomb! But that’s it!” Vincent said exasperated.
Mace nodded his approval,
A small smile crept onto Garon’s face, “we should make 2 just in case one doesn’t work…” he whispered to Mace as the Captain stalked off.
Mace nodded slightly in agreement “Besides, we don’t HAVE to use them” he said to Garon quietly.

And what was he suppose to do with this gun? “Just hold it with my hand I guess”, Tom thought as he practiced his salute. He should probably practice with both hands just to be sure.

Session 1: Silent Space Serenade

The crew of the Boon finds themselves out of fuel on the way to Ganymede; Drifting in the dark, open expanse of space they run into a derilict ship. The ship is like none any of the crew have seen before. It is powered down and drifting out into deep space, taking a chance to recover some fuel from the vessel they manuever up to the derelict. when they board the ship though, they find the entire crew dead. a cursory examination shows it to be some kind of science vessel.

Among other things they find some kiind of odd biological infestation along with some much needed fuel. They power up the ship and siphon off enough fuel to get underway to Ganymede. In the process of looking furthr into the mystery surrounding the vessel they inadvertantly trigger a self destruct sequence. narrowly escaping they continue their journey.


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